If the definition of full time RVer is someone who chooses to live in an RV, and doesn't have a house, apartment, condo, or anyplace else they call home, I will be a full timer really soon. This definiton doesn't say anything about how much traveling is done, but only what the four walls consist of. There will be full timers that are always traveling; those that spend a few months here, then a couple months there, then a few months somewhere else; there are the snowbirds that have a summer location, and a winter location, and then there are the ones like me that are still tied to a location, but live in an RV. The location I'm tied to is Denver/Aurora Colorado, because I still work full time in Denver and Aurora. When I say I'm tied to a location, that only means Monday through Friday. I plan to take as many weekend trips as possible. As I am looking for a park that is my "home address" I'm making sure they don't have a problem with the idea of me moving my trailer in and out on a regular basis.

I haven't quite figured out my vision for what these pages will be, but have some ideas what will be here. Every RVer I've met loves to show off their rig, and I'm no different in that regard. Some people have pictures of their kids, and others have pictures of their rig. My current rig is a 2003 Coleman Caravan C25TB, and the tow vehicle is an 2004 Ford Excursion 6.0L PowerStroke Diesel. This is really more of a three season trailer if you will, that I must adapt into a four season trailer. I haven't done any adapting yet, but I will document the modifications as I make them. While searching the web I found very little about what a full timer should do if they have to winter in a place that has a winter.

I first got the RV bug as a kid when my parents bought their first RV. Their first RV was a 27 foot class C. My parents are now full timing in a Class A. My first RV was a 1970 Coleman CT470. I was able to find a few pictures of this trailer. This trailer was really too small, when I bought it, but it was cheap, and it gave my now exwife and kids a chance to try RVing. I don't anticipate my ex will ever opt for an RV over motels. My son still prefers tents, and my daughters are ready to go with the RV no matter what the destination.

The second trailer was a 1990 Coleman Williamsburg tent trailer. I still have to find some pictures of that trailer. We used that trailer about four years, and took many trips with it. Then we "graduated" to the current trailer, and then upgraded the tow vehicle.

I've known for years I wanted to be a full timer, but my divorce is what really led to my actually being a full timer. During the divorce I was trying to figure out what my living accomidations would look like. I knew I didn't want an apartment, I really didn't want to buy another house, mobile homes aren't too mobile, so an RV seemed like a reasonable choice. Since we already had a trailer and a tow vehicle that is what I chose as we were dividing property.

For a lot of things I'm "making it up as I go along" and telephone service is no exception. Currently I don't use a telephone very much. About the only thing I used a land line for was so the computers could connect to the internet. What I really wanted was high speed data in my trailer, and oh yeah, maybe a telephone for voice communications. The current "plan" I will find a park that has internet access via wireless, and use a cell phone for voice. I currently using Tracfone as a prepaid cell phone service. I'll see how well this works. Before settling on this combination I checked on 2 way satelite for the data service, and thought about VOIP for the voice service. I'm currently adding telephone wiring into my trailer, but that is so I can network the computers, again the wire I'm putting in for voice is more of an after thought.

I imagine that as my RVing pages expand this narrative will move, or be broken up into more subject specific pages, and that this page will become more of an index page, but for now the content is here as well.

Since all the content is still on one page I will make a product recommendation here. I bought some hitching rods from Camping World so that I could hitch by myself. These rods are great. The only thing extra I needed to do was add a third reference mark. I use a squeegee on top of the third row seat in the center as a third reference mark. In the rear view mirror I align the squeegee handle with the rod on the ball and the rod on the A frame as I am backing the tow vehicle. When the rod on the ball falls off the ball is right under the coupler, so all that is needed is to lower the tongue on to the ball. Hitching this way is even easier for me than having a helper directing me.