What prompted this page was a user on RV.net wanted to see pictures of old popups. Since I had been thinking about putting up some other RV pictures and information this page is the first addition in that catagory.

This is my first RV, a 1970 Coleman CT470.

All this trailer had inside was the beds, a couple of storage boxes where part of the space was used by the wheel wells, and the table.

Unlike most popups, on this one the beds come out the sides, when folded one bed is above the other bed. I did add 30 amp electric so that I could use an electric heater, a lamp and a small refrigerator.

The modifications I made to the front were a tire carrier to get the spare out of the way, and propane rails so that I had an easy way to haul a 20 pound cylender for the camp stove.

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